Medical Surgical Part

A medical device manufacturer had been producing a very delicate medical surgical part in low volume and was ready to commit to a high speed / high volume manufacturing process. Our engineering team worked closely with the customer to identify the program requirements, critical dimensions and the challenges within the customer’s subsequent assembly process. 

Northwest Stamping & Precision’s tooling department designed and built, prototype parts to prove the design concept and to analyze how the material would behave in production. Later, a progressive die was designed and built in-house using the knowledge we gained through the prototyping process. This methodology can save time by uncovering hidden challenges before they reveal themselves in a production environment. 

This stainless steel part that started with .005”  thickness is now running at .0025” thickness on progressive tooling with the capability of producing 12,000 parts per hour. The progressive tooling has a life of 60 million parts and is guaranteed for the life of the program. In this case the customer’s component cost was reduced dramatically from dollars per unit to pennies per unit.

Hermetic Contact

A manufacturer of respiration equipment required a hermetically sealed valve assembly with conductive feed-through for a communication link. We developed a single-piece, cantilevered contact contained within a double-walled box, capable of withstanding high-pressure molding with no internal leakage.