The Facts
Founded in Eugene, Oregon, in 1965 the business was primarily a tool and die shop building tooling. In 1969 the stamping capability was added. In 1992 the current owner purchased the Company, and a period of rapid growth began. 

The prototype development department was added and machining capabilities were expanded in 1994. Also in 1994 the Company achieved ISO certification. We continue to meet all industry quality certifications and have imbedded lean manufacturing practices to insure our commitment to quality. 

In 1998 the company changed its name to Northwest Stamping & Precision to reflect its position as a global supplier of high volume precision stampings and machined parts.

NWSP (51).jpg

The Reason
We take pride in the fact that Northwest Stamping is still a locally owned American manufacturing business. It’s no easy feat to compete in a global economy. Our ability to maintain and grow our business is due in a large part on the intelligence, creative energy, customer satisfaction and commitment of our employees.

Everyone involved contributes to our success. The president and owner is a hands on engineer. Our tool designers and tool makers have learned, through education and experience, how to solve tough manufacturing problems. They have repeatedly demonstrated that they look forward to designing and building the most efficient, most stable tools needed for precision products. Our machinists, press operators, purchasing, shipping and administration personnel — all of us — know that smart thinking based in sound business practices will keep our business growing.

We are committed to each other and we all make the commitment to our customers and suppliers – it’s in everyone’s best interest. 

Northwest Stamping’s longevity and reputation are built on our abilities to meet and exceed our customers’ demands. Challenge us with your most difficult requirements, we will be happy to discuss how our experience can help fill your needs.