Once your program expectations are fully understood, our design team is ready to begin. In order to achieve precisely what you have in mind, we devise a Manufacturing Control Plan - a unique-to-your-job blueprint outlining the steps critical to providing you with the best results over and over again.

Northwest Stamping & Precision’s overall Quality Systems Policy gives us the flexibility to be specific in our controls to ensure that your components are produced with exacting consistency.

Because the finest machines and inspection equipment are no better than the people who operate them, it’s not surprising that all Northwest Stamping & Precision technicians and engineers are highly skilled. We believe, however, that our people share a trait more subtle than skill, yet as vital: dedication.


Dedication to providing a service that exceeds your expectations of us, and components that exceed your requirements. Our people have an easy-to-work-with, friendly attitude underlined by a common spirit of cooperation and problem-solving enthusiasm that is appreciated by our customers.

It goes beyond professional pride and good business. We want to be considered one of the critical components in your success